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  • What is SoTL?
    • SoTL is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. SoTL can represent a wide range of activities related to teaching and learning, from primary research and peer-reviewed publications, to classroom innovation and personal reflection. SoTL may be initially focused on one’s own teaching, with the opportunity to provide a model for others’ teaching.
  • What is DBER?
    • DBER is Discipline-Based Educational Research. As the name suggests, DBER focuses on a given discipline (ex. biology). Results from DBER studies are meant to be broadly applicable across a discipline, ie. how students learn within the discipline, or increasing inclusivity within the discipline.
  • What is OTL?
    • OTL is the Office of Teaching and Learning at the University of Guelph. OTL supports educators at UoG with course design, teaching practices, assessment, and developing a SoTL project. OTL and COESP mutually support each other. COESP provides an intentional focus on CBS and teaching and learning through a biology lens.
  • What is OpenEd?
    • OpenEd is Open Learning and Educational Support at the University of Guelph. OpenEd supports online learning, through developing courses for students, and offering workshops to assist educators at UoG. COESP promotes OpenEd programming as a resource for educators in CBS.
  • How can I get involved in COESP?
    • We welcome you to join the discussion! Join us at our upcoming events, including COESP Day, BEE, and invited speakers. Share something new that you tried in your teaching practice, or something that has worked for years, with your fellow educators in CBS!