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SEED Grant

Student experiences and innovations fostering bioscience knowledge translation and transfer in CBS 

SEED Grant: Student-driven Engagement in Educational Design


The purpose of the SEED grant program is to encourage the development of a community of students that integrate their learning experiences, creative ideas, and drive to affect change, into new and better ways to engage students in their education. The SEED grant provides funding for students to execute teaching and learning initiatives, or it can serve as an award to recognize a student(s) teaching and learning initiative that has recently been completed.  


The SEED program is open to any undergraduate or graduate student(s) in CBS. Individual students or a team of students can apply. A faculty or staff advisor must also be identified and endorse the application. This individual will guide the applicant(s) through the application process and the execution of the proposed plan.


One award of $500 is available each year. Applicants may also be interested in applying to the CBSSA for complementary or ongoing funding.


Applications are due Dec 1st. Applications should be prepared as a word document and uploaded by the due date using the COESP Awards application form 

Application Process:

  • Cover page: Name, program, year level and email address of primary student applicant and all student co-applicants (if applicable). Name, position, department and contact information of faculty/staff advisor.
  • Project overview: A brief project overview should be written in a word doc (suggested length: 1 page, up to 2 pages max), and address the following:
  1. Context: What is the gap, need or opportunity you are addressing and why it is important? Relevant literature or other sources of evidence (eg: student survey) may be included.
  2. Project: What is the specific initiative that you are proposing and how will it be executed?
  3. Impact: What impact will the initiative have on student learning (or other relevant outcome) and how you will determine if it is successful?
  4. Feasibility: How will you accomplish your project within the funding period (1yr)? How might the initiative and impact be sustained beyond the initial funding?
  5. Budget: An itemized budget. Eligible expenses may include: hospitality costs, room rental, speaker honoraria, teaching materials, printing etc.

NOTE: for those student(s) applying to the SEED program as an award to recognize an initiative that has recently been completed, please respond to the above prompts, but in the past tense (i.e. what gap did you address, what did you do, what impact did your initiative have etc.) The budget can include up to $500 for honoraria to recognize the work of student leads.

Please note: The intention behind this process (i.e. a brief written application followed by feedback and an interactive discussion) is to minimize barriers to applying, by simplifying the initial application, while maximizing the impact of the funding available and encouraging a culture of collaborative and open dialogue. New applicants are welcome to reach out to COESP for guidance prior to submission.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Justification of need.
  • Alignment with funding program objectives.
  • Impact on teaching and learning 
  • Sustainability
  • Appropriateness of budget


Awardees are requested to share their innovation with the COESP community through a variety of communication routes e.g. through social media, COESP day or other form of presentation.  

SEED Grant Application